Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Raccoons and cats and foxes. Oh my!

If you’ve had your paws on a copy of Vogue lately, then you’re probably well-briefed on all the autumn/winter trends for 2011. Tunics over trousers. Forties glam. Heeled loafers. But wait! I may read fashion magazines in the bath, but there’s no substitute for in-store research. And one trip to H&M has revealed some very, very exciting trends for this autumn.


And cats.

And foxes.

Oh my.

So let us begin with the humble raccoon. Truth be told, I’d already picked this guy up in Sweden. He’s not ideal for carrying money (funny shape), but I do trust him to keep a pair of spare contact lenses safe. And he’s just fun to have around.

Now to the cats. In my opinion, an animal that we don’t see enough of on adult attire. Which is why I’m so delighted that H&M are bravely pushing that boundary. Not only have they sold me a dress with cats on it (and tried to sell me woolen hot pants with cats on them, but the changing room results were too hideous for words), but they sold me these little beauties. It’s very hard to do them justice in a photo, but – trust me – they are earmuffs. The warmest, most glamorous earmuffs that my ears have ever had the pleasure of wearing. 

But I’ve saved the best ‘til last. I don’t know why nobody has thought to do this before. A simple handbag. A simple fur attachment. Put them together and you get a fox who’s tail flows freely as you go about your day with this trusty companion by your side. It makes me feel really happy about the world. 

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