Friday, 2 September 2011

Behold the Pony Jaquard Cardigan

I didn’t have a knitting granny.

And, you know what, that never really bothered me. I did have a grandma who invited her buddies at the old folks’ home to ‘sherry parties’ in her room. And a Nonna who loved Tom Cruise and motorbikes, and ate icecream every day of her life. Role models.

But there was one major drawback to not having a knitting granny: I never got one of those knitted sweaters with a pony on it, complete with tail made out of actual strands of wool that you can plait. You know the kind? Fiona in my class in Junior 2 must have had a knitting granny, because she had one. It was yellow, the pony was pink, and it even had ‘FIONA’ stitched (knitted?) across the bottom. How jealous was I?

Maybe that’s why, ever since my friend Niki alerted me to Topshop’s latest pony-themed offering, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it. Behold – boys and girls – the Knitted Pony Jaquard Cardigan. 

I know. It’s quite special. And I want it more than is really decent.

Of course, I’ve not even been to visit it yet. Topshop Knightsbridge aren’t stocking it (another item to add to my list of ‘Reasons I hate working in Knightsbridge’). And, I’ll be honest, I’m worried about the neckline. Uncomfortably high? Perhaps. I’m also not delighted that Topshop want me to pay them £60 for it. But, let’s think about this logically. It will keep me warm (oh, how I dread the cold). More to the point, it will keep my heart warm. Surely a bargain at £60?

Well, I’m in Amsterdam this weekend, so until I actually make it to a Topshop that stocks this thing of wonder, I’ll need to try and put it out of my mind. In the meantime, if anyone can think of any additional justifications for this purchase – do let me know.

And you all have very lovely weekends. x

P.S. Zara want me to buy a short-sleeved, pink, silk blouse with SAUSAGE DOGS on it. I swear, it’s like they look inside my head and then make clothes out of what they see.

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