Thursday, 31 May 2012

This little piggy went to market

Few things please me more than unexpected animal fashion heroes. I’m so used to seeing the usual catwalk stars (flamingos, dogs, rabbits, horses) donning the hangers of my favourite stores. Sure, there’s still a party in my stomach when I spot the latest designs. But there’s no risk factor. What about sloths? What about goats? What – I ask you – about pigs?


Ted Baker doesn’t think so. Ted Baker thinks pigs are fully appropriate for your 2012 spring/summer look.

And I agree, which is why I want this Pelley print top in my life and in my wardrobe.

I pointed it out to a friend today. Admittedly, a male friend. But he proclaimed it to be, "A brave choice!" with apprehension that seemed to border on anxiety. He's right. It feels like a gutsy option. Why, though? The political connotations of Animal Farm? (Orwell did a horrible PR job on piggies.) Or suggestions of obesity and "eating like a pig"? (Let me tell you, I know some humans who have far more grotesque eating habits.)

Clearly, there’s too much negative energy focused on our curly-tailed amigos.

So I’m pleased Ted Baker are sticking a trotter out. Maybe Marks and Spencer paved the way with Percy, but while the Limited Collection is crowded with nameless zebras and birds, Percy remains fenced into the food hall. I like to think by buying this top I’d be proudly doing something good for pigkind. I just wish Ted Baker didn’t want me to pay quite so much money for the honour. 

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  1. I love the idea of sloths or goats in animal fashion! I would eat a sloth top right UP. Apie, I think it's pretty clear that you need to start consulting for fashion designers; they could use your sharp eye and forward-thinking sense of style!